Elisabeth Bell - piano tuning Marin County, San Francisco and the East Bay since 1986 - 415.258.9421
harpsichord - using historical tuning

Historical Tunings

The pure third, which was prominent in the Renaissance tuning system, has been gradually disappearing over the course of time. Although still present in traditional music, it had all but vanished from classical music in general. There were those who were searching to render the true flavor of period compositions, which kindled a renewed interest in historical instruments, as well as historical temperaments.

Elisabeth began her studies of historical temperaments with Emile Jobin, the renowned harpsichord builder, after meeting him in his studio, "Tempéraments Inégaux", in Paris, France. She has conducted seminars for musicians, music teachers, and for the Piano Technicians Guild. Please contact Elisabeth to set up your own private or group workshop.

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